The most important step a man can take. It’s not the first one, is it? It’s the next one.

“If I pretend I didn’t do those things, it means that I can’t have grown to become someone else.”

“Journey before destination,” Dalinar said. “It cannot be a journey if it doesn’t have a beginning.” […] “I will take responsibility for what I have done,” Dalinar whispered. “If I must fall, I will rise each time a better man.”

Excerpts From Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson 1

Ignorance has become a dirty word. Everyone either makes fun of the ignorance of the people they disagree with or uses ignorance as a shield to get away with doing wrong. I think we should be proud of our ignorance, because only by being ignorant can we learn something new.

When we were getting ready to become parents I proclaimed my ignorance on how to be a dad, much less a good one. Many well intentioned friends and family members reassured me that no one knew but at the same time, when you have a kid you will know what to do. I now ask that people not do this.

Do not take my ignorance away from me. It is the only thing that can make me smarter.

I try to own my failures in life. In the past, I’ve thought that this just meant admitting to them and — of course — trying to learn from them. However, I’m beginning to see a different way of owning them. Be proud of them. Be thankful for them. Yeah, it sucks to fail. No one enjoys making a mistake. It’s unpleasant. But the only times I’ve grown are when recovering from failures.

So yes, I own my failures and my mistakes. And I would rather not hear others make excuses or rationalizations for me.

Do not take my mistakes and failures. They are the only thing that have made me better.

We all have our weaknesses. It may be literal physical weakness, such as my back and hips. Or maybe its a skill we wish we were better at, like my organization and note taking. Or maybe it’s a weakness of the will, such as my continual failures to work out in the morning and avoid sugary treats. But would you rather know your weaknesses, or have people reassure you that you are better than you are?

By now you know my answer.

Do not take my weaknesses. They are only thing that can make me stronger.


We all have them.

We should be proud of them.

They are the only things that have ever made us better than what we were.

They are the only things that can make us better than what we are now.

They are the journey.

  1. I cannot recommend the book to everyone. It is well over 1,000 pages long and the third in a still unfinished epic fantasy series which is part of an even larger universe of books. However, if you’re into epic fantasy and want your next several years of reading planned, I can strongly recommend it. ↩︎